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The prime purveyors of Swing, Soul, and Rock n' Roll in the Southeast USA for three decades!

The League’s chameleon ability to be the ever polite and accommodating dance band servicing the cream of Southern society is the same trait that allows LOD to mangle well-known and obscure tunes to suit a very different view of music. Its traditional Soul-Band/Jazz Septet instrumentation of trumpet, sax, bone with rhythm section allows for a rich variety of musical styles and sonic textures. Any Great American Songbook classic, Jazz Standard, Roots Rock and Roll gem, or Old School Soul number from Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Macon, New Orleans, or even Detroit is an easy fit for this band. But these are just familiar points of departure for the League, so a swing version of “Radar Love”, a klezmer styled “Caldonia”, a reggae “At Last”, a ska version of “All Shook Up”, all work as well. Combine that with solid originals like “Bible Belt Bopper” and “Swingin’ For Crack” and you’re in for an entertaining night. Hey, Tony Bennett asked for the sheet music for their “Jumpin’ At The Jubilee” and that same tune was broadcast on “The Chris Isaak Show.” As the League’s first drummer, intimated back in 1984, it’s all decent and polite on the outside, but shed the skin and there is a very unpredictable monster lurking inside.

Tommy Dean is a attentive and considerate band-leader, equally concerned with the satisfaction and well-being of every audience, the musicians with whom he works and every end client that employs his services. A successful songwriter, his tunes have been recorded by Joe South, Joe Walsh, Tinsley, Ellis, Billy Joe Royal and many regional artists  and released on the Arista, Warner Brothers, Island, and Alligator record labels. He has recorded with artists as diverse as Colonel Bruce Hampton, Willie Guy Rainey, Starbuck, Delta Moon, and Joe South. As leader of the League of Decency he is always present to the situation at hand, ready to anticipate the requirements of the moment.

Pianist Mike Ewbank is originally from the Tampa Bay area. He studied music composition at the University of South Florida and moved to Macon, Georgia in 1975 where he worked with Butch Trucks in Butch’s Brew. He formed the band Tall Dogs with drummer, Joe English and worked at Capricorn Studios with Jimmy Hall, Neil Larsen, and various members of the Allman Brothers Band. He has recorded his own tunes with Jeff Glixman of Kansas fame and toured with Wild Cherry. Mike is an excellent pianist and a solid composer.

Earl Ford has defended the trombone position for over twenty years. Besides having worked with Otis Redding, Wet Willie, and Greg Allman, his big, brassy sound and versatile improvisation talents keephim in demand in latin and acid jazz circles. You can catch him in Kebbi Williams latest improv venture or recent hip-hop releases produced by Jermaine Dupree.

Karl Liberatore’s incendiary theatrics on trumpet and flugelhorn are complimented by his ability to deliver understated, subdued solos when the mood is dark and contemplative. A world class ringer, catch him, tuxedo-clad, in the pit at the Barry Manilow show or on the road with the Henry Mancini Orchestra, but clear the deck if the real Karl comes out, which is always encouraged in the League.

Randy Hunter is the split-tone king on tenor and bari sax. He has held his position in the League forover ten years, bleating, blatting, blotting, screaming, wailing, crying, rooting, rutting, and also allowing the sensitive child within to be nice to his saxophone, regardless of what Bovis wants.

Guitar player Rick Hinkle has recorded guitar tracks for artists such as Jerry Ragovoy, Eddie Kramer, Johnny Sandlin, Matt Still, Vassar Clemments, Theodis Ealey, Paul Davis, Ed Seay, Buchner & Garcia, Paul Davis, King Hannibal, James Purify, Joe South, Sandra Hall, Ben E. King, Chick Willis, Frank Frost, and Johnny Jenkins, Trini Lopez, Buddy Grecco, Martha Reeves, Bill Joe Royal, The Tams, Bonnie Bramlett, William Bell, Little Antony, and many others. He has just the right sound and lick for ANY song in ANY style – guaranteed!

Bill Burke has played with legendary blues man John Lee Hooker and has been a member of Delbert McClinton’s band. He brings a solid a facile ability on the Fender bass that provides a solid foundation for propelling the ensemble in way that makes it easy for dancers to move their feet.

During the 70’s drummer Jerry Fields toured the states with the Hampton Grease Band and shared the stage with Frank Zappa, Dave Brubeck, The Grateful Dead, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Captain Beefheart and the Tony Williams Lifetime and others. He puts the pizzazz in the rhythm and can take the League anywhere they need to go - from a whisper to a scream. He will make you dance.